APP IT is now a verified member of the Pangea community

SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina, - we are proud to announce that APP IT was successfully verified as a Pangea vendor which means that we have joined an elite community of the top 7% of software engineering vendors. This will enable us to provide a better overview and transparency about our company through our Pangea profile which is important for our current and future partners.

Trip of getting into elite vendor community

At the current stage of our business we were thinking about the best ways to reduce the asymmetric information and quality uncertainty for existing and future partners. Completing the independent verification process at Pangea, gave us the possibility to do that in a simple way with our verified Pangea profile.

Focusing on the verification process, we started with mapping of our company where we needed to deep-dive on topics such as business development and growth strategy, HR & recruitment procedures, project management and technical procedures. This helped us to strengthen the foundations of the company and create a stable ground for future improvements.

In the second part, we collected insights from our team members to measure team health and realize if and how we are “breathing together”. To verify the client experience at APP IT , our top clients contributed with their insights. Apart from that, we documented core internal processes that will be accessible to any prospective partner/customer of APP IT with one click through our data room at Pangea.

Being a part of an elite community gives a great additional value. On the other hand, the whole process allowed us to sync on topics that we were not able to discuss and prioritize on a daily basis. This will help us to improve our internal efficiency and alignment even more.

Future is NOW

Understanding our clients needs is crucial for our business and we really do care what they say about us. Insights delivered by Pangea said our client score is 9.7/10 which is a great confirmation to our team's hard work and dedication for each of the projects we worked on.

Very interesting and great input for us moving forward was the team health score as it was the feedback shared directly by our colleagues. Our team health score , that included eight key areas is 8.9 out of 10 where our highest scores were 9.3/10.0 for peers raport and 9.1 for personal growth.

As a company that wants to be the one of the best places to work in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we were thrilled to see that our colleagues are satisfied. The bond within the team is strong and they are happy with their personal growth. On the other hand we realized there is enough space for improvements in terms of management rapport and advocacy.

Considering facts mentioned above, we will focus on improving access to mentorship opportunities, format for knowledge sharing internally, the frequency of 1-on-1 HR and management meetings, the way we recognize great work and more.

"From junior to senior roles and the C level executives, energy is on a great level and the whole team is fully dedicated to contribute to the company in general but also to support individuals in every possible way. Being a member of a team that is very skillful, ready to grow in many ways is a great honor” - Vedad Tokaca, Head of Business Development."

Over the last year, we have focused on building up an environment where collaboration and communication between different teams is open and persistent no matter the seniority of our people and overall organizational structure. This helps us to properly plan, prioritize and stay up with the delivery process:

"We agreed on a quick cooperation, they delivered products very fast and I had support whenever I needed it" - Amir Sinanovic, CEO at ASI Engineering Ltd.""
Our Team
Project delivery in progress :)

Business excellence and continuous improvement

Being a part of the community that gathers 7% of elite vendors is a great milestone which gives full transparency to our company hence we believe this is just the beginning of our continuous journey. Our goals are now toward further employee development, increasing team health, keeping great relations with our clients and exploring technology and processes even deeper.

Our progress will be documented on our verified Pangea profile which we hope will support our growth and success as a company. We define our success in a way of keeping satisfaction from our clients on a high level and attracting the best talent who are a cultural fit that will help us to achieve respective products and business goals for our customers and ourselves.